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Leadership Skills






Leaders are not born. They are trained.

Gain strategic thinking skills which alters your thinking patterns, state of mind, attitude and personal traits to become a good leader.


Let our leadership skills course transition you from being a mere passive thinker to a strategic thinking individual capable of leading.






Learn the ABCs of supervision which will increase your management and supervision skills.


Relationship Building

Sharpen your interpersonal skills to create, cement and maintain strong relationships with clients and partners.


Customer Relationship Management

Understand the best CRM strategies to manage and increase customer retention for the business.


Business Ethics

Know business ethics and corporate governance principles which guides corporate morals of any organization.


Self Esteem

A guide to positive attitude towards self essential for releasing the and well up potential in you.


Business Succession Planning

Learn to formulate a good succession strategy facilitating a smooth transition when you retire or exit your business.


Conflict Resolution

Gain knowledge on interventions to resolve workplace disputes and disagreements among members and or staff.


Change Management

Identify what needs to change and get desired outcome of how people and resources are affected by such transition.



Supporting a learner to achieve set goals and outcomes thereby improving effectiveness and performance.







Sales are the lifeblood of any business.

Acquire the essential and much sought sales skills required to survive in any business industry and environment.


This will let you know how to effectively strike and close deals, gain more clients and maintain a pool of happy clients and customers.





Desired Training Services are leaders in moderation, assessment and training facilitation services for your meetings and conferences. Our facilitators are eloquent and experts in public speaking - they know how to guide large meetings such as staff get-together functions, breakfast meetings, expos, large show events, corporate events, managerial courses, workshops and conferences.


Training Facilitation

Hire our experienced Training facilitators in South Africa for all your training needs - from program design and presentation. We will make sure all your outcomes are achieved.


Conference Facilitation

You don't need a disaster of a conference, neither do we. Rely on our expertise in program design, venue search to public speaking and key note address to make sure your conference is a success.


Team building Workshops

Let DTS' charismatic facilitators help you organize and facilitate your organization's team building function making sure your personnel are in one accord in building team spirit.


Skills Audit Analysis

Are you happy with the competency levels of your personnel? Let DTS' competent assessors help you identify skills gaps in your company and point out competency and training needs.


Keynote Address

Don't settle for less and entertain some random guys from the street. Hire our eloquent public communicators to help you set the underlying tone and put accross the core message of your meetings, conventions and conferences.


Public Speaking

Your event is for a good reason; it has to capture attention. Let DTS' public speakers help with your key note addresses and public speaking for your event.






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About Desired Training Services


Desired Training Services offers strategic training interventions that seek to address the performance needs of workers in low and middle level management as well as all service related personnel in both private and public organisations.

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