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A trusted and dedicated training services company since 2012.


Desired Training Services (DTS) has been operating in South Africa since 2012. DTS has been providing training services for over 6 years. Our course facilitators, who are also qualified assessors, have experience in training and technical fields. This enables them to share first-hand experience on training, accreditation activities and best practices during the presentation of courses.


The knowledge and experience of our course facilitators and experts ensure our ability and capability to provide training in all our current accreditation and emerging fields. Our courses are designed and continually improved to ensure value to our clients and their organisations.


DTS provides training services in a form of:


  • Scheduled courses at client's premises;
  • Provincial-regional courses;
  • In-house courses nationally and internationally.


Our experience and references in providing training services include partnership with internationally reputable organisations. Our course design and delivery approach is focused on the following:


  • Achieving impact in knowledge transfer and skills development as per organisational objectives;
  • Ensuring that our courses are not just a passing event but are delivered to address current and future desired results;
  • Promoting personal responsibility for knowledge discovery and skills development;
  • Customising of courses to the level of candidates to ensure value;
  • Interactive and participative training methods are used to ensure outcomes-based approach and enable practical implementation of learning points;
  • Guaranteed partnership and future guidance on problem solving and knowledge transfer for all candidates at no additional cost.


It is therefore our commitment to ensure that all candidates attending our courses obtain knowledge, skills and progressive attitudes that add value towards their accreditation and business sustainability.



Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the training service provider of choice, committed to the total satisfaction of our clients as we turn challenges into opportunities that change lives and invigorate the economies of the communities where our presence is found.



Our Mission

Our Core Values

We strive to provide strategic training interventions to all our clients through the engagement of adequately qualified educators/trainers and the use of well-structured training materials addressing the needs of the beneficiaries of our services.





Our core values, which form the foundation of our relationship with our clients, are:


  • positive attitude
  • relevance
  • integrity
  • excellence
  • reliability
  • fairness




Desired Training Services Pty Ltd.

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Cape Town, 7537, SOUTH AFRICA

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About Desired Training Services


Desired Training Services offers strategic training interventions that seek to address the performance needs of workers in low and middle level management as well as all service related personnel in both private and public organisations.

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